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Digital marketing is the process of product or services by using digital technologies. If you want to be a digital marketer you can provide your services by using internet, laptop, pc or mobile phone. Digital marketing is a huge platform. In this blog, we will show Digital Marketing Examples. If you want to be a marketer you need to get knowledge about some important niches. Without digital marketing, you can not build up yourself as a marketer. Digital marketing is a part and parcel in an online platform. Most of the training center or website show about digital marketing. But It couldn’t make yourself as a marketer. But Freelance Topic makes yourself as a marketer. Because we will show you how can you become a marketer. And we will prove it. Just stay with us. We will show that step by step.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) :

Search engine optimization is the most important part to build up your business or site. SEO is a valuable process to rank your website in search engine. You can rank your website or blog site or increase traffic by using SEO. You can optimize your website in two ways which have given below:

Examples of Digital Marketing :

Basically, Digital Marketing is a huge platform. I am trying to provide some particular issues which are the most important as a marketer who wants to be a digital marketer. I have already shown here which has given below:

1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

2. SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Content Marketing

5. Lead Generation

6. Mail Marketing

7. Blogging

8. Other sales and marketing

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1. On-page SEO:

 If you want to rank or optimize your website on-page SEO is the most important part for it. You need to know about the content. That means how to create content for SEO. For example, you need to know about H1 or H2 tag. Then you need to know about admin panel, keywords, and other English grammar.

After research your target keywords you can create content according to keywords. And enhance your content. Always think about your content because it is the most valuable to rank your website at present. If you have sufficient content according to your competitor’s website. Then you can rank your website very easily. Before optimizing your content you need to see your competitors website. For example, if your competitor’s website has 500 words in 1 post. Then you need to target almost 600 words. Then you can apply off-page optimization. After increasing your DA/PA. You can rank your website and generate traffic for your website. We can say that SEO is part and parcel of digital marketing.

2. Off-page SEO:

Off-page optimization: Off-page, optimization is one of the major parts to rank your website. Without off-page optimization, you can not rank your website on a search engine. If you want to build your website you need to follow some steps. You can create a backlink for your website. If you want to rank your website very early you need to create some web2.0 then create backlink for your website. If you can get a backlink from any top authority site then it could be very helpful to rank your website. I will discuss in detail in SEO’s part.

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