About Us

I am a Digital Marketer. I have already completed almost 100 projects in an international marketplace. I am certified freelancer of Bangladesh Bank. I know SEO very well. I know how to grow your business. I am also a professional lead generator and sales marketing expert. And I think I am the right person for you to grow your business. Though I have completed my MBA in Accounting & information systems. But I prefer marketing. I have experience as TSM and Sales Executive in Mobile industry.

I have tried to provide free training about SEO and other admin tasks. My purpose is to make how to self-employed. If anybody wants to get learning about online learning. I can help them. And I can show them how to earn money by international marketplaces by using skill. But if you have any question. Let me know. I will try to solve it. And my website has created job circular page to provide important national and international jobs news.